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Coming Together Notes - "Coming Together: The Asian...

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“Coming Together: The Asian American Movement” –Espiritu Yen A. Beginning a. 19 th Century immigrants from Asian countries didn’t consider themselves “Asians” - > considered themselves Toisan, Hoiping, etc… b. Culturally and politically distinct c. Late 1960s: pan-asianism evolved (Asian ppl have same values and should be united) d. Before 1960: Asians distanced themselves from one another B. Exclusion Movements a. Japanese didn’t associate w/ Chinese (hated each other) i. Considered them “unsympathetic, negative light…” b. Japanese gov. viewed overseas Japanese as representatives c. Japanese separated themselves by wearing American clothing, eating American good d. 1904: American Federation of Labor had its first anti-japanese resolution e. Japanese condoned (agreed) the exclusion of Asians so they could feel more “white” f. 1924 Immigration Act – immigration halted -> Japanese could not enter C. WWII and Japanese Internment a. FBI took people of Japanese ancestry into custody (100,000 ppl in Japanese
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Coming Together Notes - "Coming Together: The Asian...

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