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Student Name ______________________ Student ID #___________________ (1 pt) Environmental Science 10 - Midterm Exam 1 February 26, 2010 Multiple choice: 17 questions x 3 points each; Choose the best answer for each question. 1. Which 6 elements make up 95% of living matter? a. N, C, O, P, S, H b. N, C, O, B, S, H c. N, C, O, P, F, H d. N, C, O, B, F, H 2. Which of the following best describes the layer of ozone absorbing most of the UV radiation from the sun: a. It is an important component of the troposphere, protecting life from harmful radiation b. It was produced in the early atmosphere by degassing c. It was formed only after the appearance of life on earth d. It is a layer caused by human smog pollution 3. Which of the following is NOT a greenhouse gas? a. H 2 O b. O 3 c. CH 4 d. O 2 e. N 2 O 4. Albedo is greatest in a. Polar regions b. Tropical regions c. Temperate forests d. Deserts e. Oceans 5. Approximately how long would it take air pollution emitted in Berkeley to be transported to Europe (assuming it has a long enough lifetime in the atmosphere)? a. 1-2 days b. 1-2 weeks c. 1-2 months d. 1-2 years e. None of the above
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Name ______________________ SID #_______________________ 6. The maximum radiation intensity from the sun occurs in the ____________ wavelengths. a. radio b. visible c. infrared d. ultraviolet e. gamma 7. How does weather differ from climate? a. weather is a local phenomena b. climate is a longer term average c. weather is shorter term variability d. all of the above e. none of the above 8. Why do monsoon rains occur in summer over India? a. the land and ocean both warm causing lots of evaporation & precipitation b. sunshine heats the ocean faster than the land c. sunshine heats the land faster than the ocean d. the pressure gradient force drives surface air away from the equator e. the coriolis effect is greater in summer 9. Bottom water formation:
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MT1sol - Student Name Student ID(1 pt Environmental Science...

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