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Name____________________ SID_______________ 1 Environmental Science 10 Midterm Exam #2 April 9, 2010 Multiple Choice (3 points each) 1.Strip mining, acid deposition and mercury emission are problems commonly resulting from: a. Coal combustion as an energy source b. Nuclear energy generation c. Fossil fuel usage for transportation d. Usage of home heating oil e. Natural gas extraction and usage 2. What reservoir contains the largest pool of nitrogen? a. Land plants b. Soil organic matter c. Oceans d. Marine sediments e. Atmosphere 3. Which of the following best characterizes stratospheric ozone? a. It blocks much of the incoming solar UV radiation before it reaches the Earth’s surface b. Formation and loss processes can be accurately explained by Chapman mechanism c. The largest Ozone hole occurs above the Arctic d. Higher O 3 concentration is observed than expected by Chapman cycle e. None of the above 4. One current advantage to using nuclear energy is that: a. There is favorable public opinion b. Nuclear fusion is a well developed technology c. It does not contribute significantly to climate change d. The waste products can be stored anywhere because they are small e. There are no advantages 5. Which of the following is NOT a catalyst for ozone loss in the stratosphere? a. NO b. NO 2 c. N 2 d. Cl e. Br
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Name____________________ SID_______________ 2 6. Which of the following describes the tundra biome? a. High temperature and high precipitation b. Low temperature and high precipitation c. Low temperature and low precipitation d. High temperature and low precipitation e. High temperature and mid precipitation 7. Serotinous cones: a. Are not fire tolerant b. Are serrated so they stick to animal fur for transport c. Shield seeds from high temperatures d. Spontaneously combust causing wildfires e. Are the most important source of calories for ground squirrels 8. Why do NO x emissions in the South Coast Air Basin decrease on weekends? a. NO x emissions do not decrease on weekends they decrease on weekdays b. Air quality is only partially monitored from mountain tops on weekends c. It takes 7 days for NO x to reach CA from China d. Fewer truckers work on weekends
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MT2sol - Name_ SID_ Environmental Science 10 Midterm Exam...

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