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quiz4 - Name Student PHYS 120 — Quiz#4 The platter of a...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: Student #: PHYS 120 —- Quiz #4 The platter of a hard disk drive of a computer rotates at 5400 rpm (revolutions per minute). (a) What is the angular velocity ofthe disk? (b) If the reading head of the drive is located 3.0 cm from the rotation axis, what is the linear acceleration of the disk directly below it? (c) If the disk took 3.6 s to spin up to 5400 rpm from rest, what was the average acceleration? (00 m: 540031 x Mail, x J, WA : 565.5%! W" “V 60 s /s (h) Since L0 is (omsiami) line iiofw a.((cieirciiigm has Onlj a radial (0w omeh‘i (1r: ,Vf : rm? : (oosomiwgss (99!); r s :- (C) a : Au : 565,5 mil/5- o W5 A‘i 3&5 i57-i moi/5‘1 ...
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