Marketing-channel distribution

Marketing-channel distribution - Marketing Submitted by...

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Marketing Submitted by: Caluyong, Jenefer P. BJD / SFC 404 Submitted to: Prof. dela Cruz
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1. Describe the kinds of horizontal and vertical channel conflict that might occur in one of the following: a.) the personal computer industry b.) the automobile industry c.) snickers candy bar How would you remedy the problem you have described? . In this industry a horizontal marketing channel conflict might occur because of the lack in the coordination of businesses, conflict between members and decrease in flexibility. An example of vertical channel conflict is opening of other company of online stores. n In an automobile industry, a possible horizontal channel conflict that may occur is when a certain company or corporation like the Ford Dealers in Chicago complaint that the other dealers in city steals sales from them by pricing too low or by selling outside their territories. n Snickers candy bar is a successful brand of candy. One kind of conflict that may occur is the lack of clearly defined roles and objectives. Multichannel conflict may also occur and a horizontal conflict may be experienced because of the desperate move or marketing strategy of the competing brands. To solve and manage this conflicts companies or concerned entities must negotiate with one another; they must also have problem solving strategies, build some persuasive mechanism, form legalistic strategies, climate management. And the most important of all is the cooperation and coordination. The company has to establish channel objectives and by conforming to this objectives the company can know its limitations as to what the
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Marketing-channel distribution - Marketing Submitted by...

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