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marketing-promotion - M arketing Submitted by Caluyong...

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Marketing Submitted by: Caluyong, Jenefer P. BJD Submitted to: Mrs. dela Cruz
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1.) The shift from mass marketing to targeted marketing and the corresponding use of a richer mixture of promotion tools and communication channels, poses problems for many marketers. Using all of the promotion-mix elements suggested in the chapter, propose a plan for integrating marketing communications at one of the following: (a) university/college (b) McDonald’s (c) Burton Snow Boards (see www.burton.com ) or (d) a local 200, museum, theater or civic event.   Modern marketing calls for more than developing good product, pricing it  attractively, and making it available to target customers. The promotion mix  relates to the marketer’s efforts to make the product or service actively move  through the marketing channels and to the target market. Today, the following  components make up the promotion mix: advertising, personal selling, sales  promotion, and public relations.    In McDonald’s, they can use the different tv shows or what we call now the  product placement. They can also use different personal sellers. They seldom  influence in a significant way the customer buying decision. They can also utilize  different sales promotion to build up sales of a product, usually by offering  something extra, or come on. To be more effective, they must also build the  image of a company or an institution, although certain aspects of it are also used  to promote products and brands. 2.) Each promotional tool has unique characteristics and costs. Marketers must understand those characteristics in selecting their tools. Using Coca-cola as an example, demonstrate how each of the promotional tools might be used to create an integrated marketing communications approach for the upcoming year. The Coca-Cola Company is the world's largest manufacturer, distributor and  marketer   of   non-alcoholic   beverage   concentrates   and   syrups.   Beverage  products with the Coca-Cola brand name have been sold in the U.S. since 1886. Campaign   designed   to   build   the   Coca-Cola   brand   from   its   refreshment  platform   to  a higher  order  of  emotional  benefit by  establishing it as  the  universal choice which brings people together.  Strategy includes roll out of initiatives in the digital media like the internet i.e.  building   and   promotion   of   online   communities   and   also   leveraging   the  interactive destination for Coca-Cola consumers  Integrated   communication   plan   to   include   mass   media   advertising   on   all  leading TV channels, complimented by a range of on the ground initiatives -  road shows & contests across all key markets
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