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1 The mean is 7.7 2 The median is 7 3 The mode is 7 4 The range is 5 5 The impact of this phenomenon has played an impact on reality television. The example I will use is the reality TV show Big Brother. In this reality tv show, 10 random people who do not know each other live in a house together for 3 months. Each week, a person is eliminated by being voted to be evicted from the big brother house by the other house guests after a series of
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Unformatted text preview: events and games. The people who were selected to be guests in the house probably don’t act like themselves. I think they judge the people in the house when they get there and act accordingly, to become like the majority of the people in the house so that they will be liked and not get evicted. (Instead of winning the game because of who they really are, which is the point of the game)....
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