Diagnostic Quiz 12 - Question Which perspective in...

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Question: Which perspective in sociology has argued that education expanded in response to employers' need for their workers to possess certain traits (self-discipline, dependability, punctuality) that were best taught in school? Student answered: a) functionalists Correct answer: b) Marxists Question: What is the "hidden curriculum"? Student answered: a) the "tricks of the trade" that enable teachers to keep discipline in class, sustain student interest, and impart instruction Correct answer: b) the effects of school procedures and organization on students. The hidden curriculum teaches students to know their place and to sit still Question: What is "social reproduction"? Student answered: d) The way schools handle sex education Correct answer: b) The ways schools help perpetuate social and economic inequalities across the generations Question: What is the rate of functional illiteracy (those who can't read or write at a fourth-grade level) in the United States? Student answered: c) 1 in 8 Correct answer: a) 1 in 5 Question: What was the main conclusion of the landmark studies of educational inequality carried out in the 1960s by James Coleman and Christopher Jencks? Student answered: d) Intelligence is largely a product not of heredity but of the environment and, in particular, the actions of parents. Correct answer: a) Educational and occupational attainment are governed mainly by family background and nonschool factors. Question: Approximately what percent of the population of developing countries is still illiterate? Student answered: a) less than 20 percent
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Diagnostic Quiz 12 - Question Which perspective in...

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