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Question: Why do some sociologists suggest that social isolation will become a more serious problem in the future? Correct answer: c) Patterns of gender relations are changing as a result of higher rates of divorce and lower rates of remarriage. Question: Aging can be sociologically defined as the combination of ____ processes that affect people as they grow older. Correct answer: a) biological, psychological, and social Question: What are the social foundations for ageism? Correct answer: d) All of the above provide social foundations for ageism. Question: How do people approach aging, according to "disengagement theory"? Correct answer: a) The elderly withdraw from their former roles, their preoccupation with their inner life and the prospect of dying are seen as normal and healthy and should be encouraged.
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Unformatted text preview: Question: What is the central argument of activity theory? Correct answer: b) Older people who are active and engaged in social life are more likely to remain healthy, alert, and useful as they age. Question: The second generation of aging theories emphasizes Correct answer: d) the sources of social conflict between the elderly and society. Question: What age category does the "young-old" refer to? Correct answer: b) ages 65 to 74 Question: Over the past 40 years, why have economic conditions for the elderly steadily improved? Correct answer: b) The combination of social security, individual investments, and private pension funds have increased the incomes of the elderly. Question: In a study of elder abuse in Boston, who was responsible for more than half of the cases of abuse? Correct answer: b) a spouse...
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