DONE Syllabus - Social & Behavioral Sciences Department...

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SYG 2000, General Sociology, Online Summer 2010: Bradenton CRN: 30600, 30608, 30662, 30663 Lakewood Ranch CRN: 30628, 30631 Venice CRN: 30620, 30627 Instructor’s Name: Dr. Susan S. Finlay Phone: 941-408-1473 Office Hours: Venice (Room 607) Email Address: ANGEL: Department Web Page: Department Contact Information: Dept. Chair, Dr. Barry Puett, ; 752-5656 Venice staff assistant, Lynette O’Neill - 408-1476 Bradenton staff assistant, Cathy Pursley - 752-5314 Virtual Library: Academic Resource Center: Student Services: Bookstore: End-of-term Course Evaluation: COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course meets Area III requirement for the A.A./A.A.S./A.S. general education requirements.  This course is an introduction to  the scientific study of society and of basic sociological concepts, methods of investigation, interpretation of professional and popular  writings and fields of application.  It is strongly recommended that students complete ENC 1101 prior to entry into this course. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS Students may access course performance standards by clicking on the appropriate course link at the following web address: . A hard copy may be obtained from the instructor or from the Department Office. REQUIRED COURSE MATERIALS: Essentials of Sociology, 2 nd ISBN 978-0-393-93033-7. Ebook Option:  ISBN 978-0-393-11192-7 STUDENT REQUIREMENTS FOR COMPLETION OF THE COURSE: Grading: Exams (13) 45% 90-100% = A Diagnostic Quizzes (13) 40% 80-89% = B Orientation Assignments (3) 15%   70-79% = C 100% 60-69% = D
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Below 60% = F   In keeping with college policy, grades will not be posted on campus or given out over the telephone.  Grades will be available to  students through ANGEL. For additional information regarding grading policies please refer to the 2009-2010 SCF College Catalog. The Quizzes and Exams are graded immediately by ANGEL but any other assignment will not be graded until after the assignment  due date/time has passed. Exams : There are 13 exams. All exams count equally and will consist of 40 multiple choice type questions. Your overall exam  average is 45% of your grade.  The lowest two exam scores will be dropped. Due dates for each exam are posted in ANGEL. For  security purposes, each exam is timed and only one question at a time will appear and you will 
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This note was uploaded on 06/27/2010 for the course SYG 2000 taught by Professor Finlay during the Spring '10 term at University of South Florida Sarasota–Manatee .

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DONE Syllabus - Social & Behavioral Sciences Department...

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