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The differences between formal law enforcement code of ethics and the “Cop Code” is that they are out here to protect our community. On the other they will protect themselves and each other then who they are to help. No matter what when reading the newspaper you will see how the officers attack people for no reason. And no matter what they always say the person had a weapon on them. Or they will even say that the person was coming at them and was going to hurt them. Most of them say how the father, mother, or siblings seen the cops do it for no reason. The conflict can cause people to take things into their own hands because they do not trust the law. When something bad happens and has to do with the law the community hears about it. When hearing about the cops attacking people would make one feel
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Unformatted text preview: that when something bad happens to you, you should never call them. I have heard about a cop that had sex with girls instead of giving them a ticket. Also there are cops out there that take the drugs and sell them for the money. One question a lot of people will ask is who will protect me if the cops will not. People will start looking at the law when they help the people. When people will not be afraid to stop for the cops and the cops will be punished for what they do wrong. I think we will believe the cops when we see that their actions are more than their words. All the cops have to do is open up to the community and the community will open up to them, and then everything will be okay in this world and we would not have a lot of killings....
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