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CV PUNE - from a pack of cards.What will be the probability...

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Sheet1 Page 1 COMPUTER VISION PAPER (CV PUNE) 2.People say that cut off will be around 25-30 questions.All questions are objective type only. 3.Interview fulla project pati thaan katpanga.konjam fem tariumnu katiko.There won't be any technical questions in software. 4.Here are some questions. 4 1. |x-a| = a-x solve ans :- x <= a 2.There is a six letter word UGANDA.How many ways u can arrange the letters in the word in such a way that both A's are together. ans :- 120 3.If two cards are taken one after another without replacing
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Unformatted text preview: from a pack of cards.What will be the probability of 2 cards to be drawn? ans :- 1/13 * 1/17 4.51*53*. ..*59 ans :- 99!*25!/2 power 24*49!*5! 5.The ratio of boys to girls is 6:4.60% of the boys and 40% of the girls take lunch in the canteen.What % of the class take lunch in the canteen? ans :- 52% 6 & 7. 2 simple problems from data sufficiency Three analytical questions (simple) do some 10 questions from GRE book. G UNIX & C U UNIX commands :- fork,tar,chmod,yacc,find,compress,make C :- calloc(),exit(),pointers,arrays,pointer to functions C...
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