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hexaware pattern - find the output for different input 10...

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Sheet1 Page 1 hai hexaware came to our college.more than 400 attend the written exam and they selected 21 for GD and only 6 are selected from the interview.the pattern written exam(100 question in one hour) G.D technical interview Personal interview The written exam consist of 5 questions ---- synonyms 5 questions ---- fill ups's 5 questions ---- antonyms 5 questions ---- similar to logical reasoning 5 questions ---- a program is given and asked to
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Unformatted text preview: find the output for different input 10 questions --- match the following.like APJ ---- president Z90 ---- microprocessor 68000 --- i don't know penguin --- oracle alan ---- etc. .. 10 questions ---- computer awareness what is google exapand sim,gaap,cmm what is beta testing etc. . remaining question are apptitude questions.most question are repeated what already we have.question came from rectangle,square etc. ....
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