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info, nov15 - etc The GD is the elimination round Interview...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Therwe were 3 rounds : 1)written test:Aptitude questions 15 to be done in 30 minutes. negative marking was there.so dont be guessing.cutt off is 9-10. 2)GD:(Elimination round)in group discussion there were 8 people in the group.my gd topic was can sports be considered as a serious career option in india. on an average 4 out of eight were selected form each group. they check the body lang.you have to give 2-3 strong points only and try to summarize your discussion. 3)Technical and HR interview ( combined) : there were two poeople from satyam one for each. In HR they ask questions such as why do want to join stayam, what do you know about satyam etc. IN techincal : they ask about my Final year project ,this is very important also they ask basic concepts of c,c++ ( polymorphism , virtual functions)
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Unformatted text preview: etc. The GD is the elimination round . Interview is not very difficult. In my case out of 1100 candidates 299 were selected for GD , 171 for interview , 108 were selected finally as S/w engineer trainee . My joining date is 6 dec 2003 at hyderabad. any body who have been selected for the can mail me or contace me at 011-26104886 . Congrats to all who have been selected for Satyam or other companies. For those who are still waiting for the right opportunity : if your destination was not to be satyam then don't feel bad as there may be TCS , wipro, and the list goes on and on . .... waiting for you from vipul gairi sector-9/824 [email protected] 011-26104886...
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