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INFO12 - you have to boil one egg for 15 hours 4> What is...

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Sheet1 Page 1 This paper contains INFOSYS interview questions. Err:510 1> S: Satch J:Jute ANS person1: Most of us are satch J person2:Most of us are jute S person3:Two of us are satch J person4: Three of us are jute J person5:I am satch J we have to find who is satch and who is jute. 2> Four perssons are three to cross a bridge they have one torch light one person A can cross in 1 min person B can cross in 2 min person C can cross in 5 min person D can cross in 10 min They have to cross bridge with in 17 min. At a time only two persons can cross I A&B ----> 2 II A <----1 III C&D ---->10 IV B <----2 V A&B ---->2 __________ Total 17 3>7 hours hour glass 11 hours hour glass
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Unformatted text preview: you have to boil one egg for 15 hours 4> What is the maximum number of slices can you obtain by cutting a cake with only 4 cuts? ANS: 16 5> Three are three boxes , In one box Two white balls In two box 2 black balls In three box 1 white &1 black The lables on the boxes are not correct.Then you have to open one box and to find the colour of the balls in all boxes. Solution: Open the box labled black& white If white balls are there then the box labled with white balls contain black balls and labled with black balls contain one black and one white ball and viceversa if two black ballsare there....
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