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Sheet1 Page 1 so on. You've to find his present age. ANS.: 36 2. Shakuntla Devi's book puzzle#64 half the money + 1Re. + 2Rs. + 3Rs. etc. ANS: 42 4. Son's age + Daughter's age + Wife's age + Man's age Err:509 S = 5D, W = 5S, M = 2W. Find son's age. ANS: 5 yrs. exchanges for other crockery @ regular price. (I'm giving the idea. I'll post the detailed paper later.)
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Unformatted text preview: marbles. H wins 20 & then looses 2/3 of total. Now, J has 4 times that of H. How many he had initially. ANS.: 100 7. An analyticle reasoning problem A puzzle of displaying six out of seven gems based on some conditions. Then 4 questions. 8. Truth teller, lier, alternator & statements. Who's who? 9. Five thieves. Each steals half the total + two more, except the fifth who finds nothing to steal. Initially , how many diamonds? ANS.: 60 10. Axe, Hart, & Amy. (i). One of X & M is oldest. (ii) Either H oldest or M youngest. ANS.: X oldest, M youngest....
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