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infyfresh - in the GRE prior to Sept 2002 NOTE THIS HAS THE...

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Sheet1 Page 1 5. This is a BIG ANALYTICAL Problem. It goes some thing like this Curriculam and Recreation" Cm (Cm => committees). F and Q can only be in the Curriculum Cm. P can only be in the Recreation Cm." Then they have given some conditions like "If R then S can not be there in that Cm. If there is H or Q then J can not be there. If G has to be in the Recreation Cm then S must be there. " From this information you'll have to answer the questions that they have asked like It is only the kind of Anals questions that was asked
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Unformatted text preview: in the GRE prior to Sept 2002. NOTE THIS HAS THE MAXIMUM MARKS OF ALL PUZZLES. There are 5 juniors FGHJK and 4 seniors PQRS. With them three committees of 3 each has to be formed Ethics, If K is in the Recreation Cm then which of these should be true. Choices A. H should be in Ethics, B. H should be in Recreation, C. S should be in the Recreation, D. S should be in the Ethics, and one more choise (Which I don't remember)....
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