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Sheet1 Page 1 INTER GRAPH ------------ 1.given a cube with different colors on its faces and then is cut into 64 pieces and the questions relate to the colors of different colored small cubes. 2.a few ladies and gents sit around table in some given order and 4 questions are about their seating arrangement with some restrictions. 3.draw a venn diagram for 3 items white,flowers,cloth. ans : draw 3 circles each intersecting the other , with white kept in the middle.
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Unformatted text preview: 4.a problem related to seating arrangement of 4 men and 3 women with some restrictions. 5.problem related to milk with water added to it for 3 times. ans : 20.5 lit c-skills:-----------1. trace the error void main() { int &a /* some bull shit */ } ans : syntax error 2.problem related to for loops 3. study synatx of malloc func 4. locate error int arr(10) ans : syntax err 5. prob on conditional inclusion 6.prob related to dfs and bfs...
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