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Sheet1 Page 1 i cleared the gd but could not clear interwiev, qestions were 1) if u can convince me why i shoula take u in satyam ur will be in satyam, i gave the ans and then he asked 2)do u think that its enough for me to take u in satyam, i said its upto u , but i should have given a better answere , 3ione qestion was if u have to meaasure the height of building without tape what will u do. ans1 i know my heaght my sahdow , i aill se how many my shadows make the shadow of bulding and heght can be calculated with raion he asked what in noon. ans2 drop a coin from top note the time or alternative ans3 marke ur height on the boundery wall, measure the angle of
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Unformatted text preview: elevation from boundery wall thaen measure the angle of elevation from the bulding, apply the ight anlge tringle ratio. one more qestion that they asked from one another person why manholes are round ans because a circle canot fall inside the circle, if it would have been suare or rectangle it may fall inside the manhole wfile opening it , friends i was not prepared for hr qestions thats the major drawback, for interwievs always prepare all the qestions for hr nefore hand , dont think that u will think about them inside , prepare them thouroughly....
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