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Sheet1 Page 1 Interview Pattern - TCS A. Verbal Reasoning [32 Q, 20 min.] B. Quantitative Aptitude [38 Q, 40 min.] C. Critical Reasoning [15 Q, 30 min.] D. Psychometric Test [150 Q, 30 min.] Q Section B was the easiest to everyone. Exploit this section to the max. possible extent. Section C is again the toughest for some and easy for some other. This will be the crucial section. Those who answer this sec
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Unformatted text preview: t Section D psychometry Qs are from previous papers only. Keep yourself prepared with the answers. Those who clear the first 3 sections ONLY will be allowed to take the psychometric test. It is said that only psychometric section MAY have the upper cut-off. So, be careful while answering....
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