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mascotinfo - in 30 minutes with negative marking(1:4 We...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Mascot Home Sample Paper Interview Profile of the company Written Test There are a total 6 sections in the test. Each section has 10 questions and the total time given is 60 minutes. All questions are MCQ type. The following are the sections: Computer Fundamentals Algorithms Hardware Software General Awareness Languages There is also an aptitude test which is held along with the technical test. Refer R.S. Aggarwal for more sample questions. The pattern of this test is known to vary with respect to the number of sections and time. Another variant of this test has two sections -- a technical (with 40 questions, 40 marks in 40 minutes) and an aptitude section (with 30 questions, 30 marks
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Unformatted text preview: in 30 minutes) -- with negative marking (1:4). We have included one test on this pattern also. We recommend that you go through both the tests to get the feel of the kind of paper that you could expect. Sample Test1 (Pattern1) Sample Test2 (Pattern 2) Back To The Top Interview At the moment we do not have much informaton about the interview though the candidate may be required to go through both technical and HR interviews. For further details and general tips on the HR interview, please refer to our Interview section. Back To The Top Profile Mascot Systems Private Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mastech Corporation,USA. Mascot is the offshore...
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