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model2 - computer science test was tough(10...

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Sheet1 Page 1 sasken test was very easy in general. 3 sections. my question paper code was aptitude-03,c-03,cs-03 1.Aptitude(10 questions)(very general,like agarwal) 2.C test.(10 questions,many pointers)(Pointers in c is enough) 3.Computer science(10 questions)(asked abt trees,networks,etc) Apti and c was very easy...10 questions each .... getting a wrong answer is highly impossible. Time is 1 hr..u will have lot of time to guess the computer science answers.
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Unformatted text preview: computer science test was tough(10 questions).Getting the correct answer is tough.(Btech students can do it well).i am an MC A Has anyone recieved call from sasken from interview. ..I think the cut off will be very high. .they said that u will recieve a call thi s Many have asked for employee referral ids. ..that scheme is over.They have asked to drop resumes last month. .(last date was 2 Hoping to get a call from sasken....
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