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Sheet1 Page 1 i wrote the test on aug 30.the test is not tough.there are 3 sections 1 maths 40 questons easy but should do it fast 2 english 20 qns gre pattern (synonyms,antonyms and a passage) passage is lenthy but easy 3 computers 20 basic computer qns are will take 5-10 min to answer the qns. if we score >50% you can go to next stage. the interview is dependent on your luck.the employees will be taking the interview. it depends upon them.for there were 3 people.for some there were only one. it is imp what you write on the form before interview. they asked me to write a palindrome program in c.soft engg def,concepts,i answered well. one of the guy(looked like he was disgusted with life) asked the puzzle the series 1 2 3 11 _.i did not know the he said he will ask sql,
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Unformatted text preview: i said i did not prepare well for he asked me why have you written in the first he asked small queries,which i answered.then he asked big one.i said i don't know.then he again asked more complex one. i kept quiet for sometime thinking.the other guy asked me puzzles,one shakuntala devi one and other the three bulbs on upstairs and 3 switches on the ground.luckily ia got both correct.i thought i qualified .but i did not.that it. one of my major problems was that i did not know the pattern of the iam writing this long exp for all of you. ALL THE BEST. KEANE IS GOOD COMPANY.its an MNC....
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