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Sheet1 Page 1 Newsgroups: genl Received: from MAILQUEUE by VAYU (Mercury 1.21) 18 Oct 99 17:31:49 IST+530 From: "D.SURESH KUMAR" <> Organization: R.E.C., Tiruchirappalli, INDIA To: Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 17:31:39 IST+530 Subject: i'm back Priority: normal X-mailer: Pegasus Mail v3.21 dear friends, Here is the next pack of food for thought. 1. I want to weigh weights from 1 to 100Kgs(all integer weights only) using a common balance. What is the minimum no. of weights i
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Unformatted text preview: require to do the job and what are those? How many such possible combinations are there? Can u give the funda ? 2. This is an easy one. Which is the only no. which can expressed as cubes of two no.s in two different ways? I mean A^3+B^3=C^3+d^3=x. How is this no. popularly known as? Ans: 10^3+9^3 = 12^3+1^3 =1729. 3. There is a 8x3 wooden piece. U r allowed cut it only once in anyway u want and arrange the pieces so as to make it a 12x2 piece. ALL THE BEST. yours suresh....
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