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Sheet1 Page 1 Tips - Questions To Ask When an interviewer ask you if you have any question to ask, you must be very careful. Whatever you do never say you have nothing to ask. This is a very tricky situation. If you do not ask any question, they may think you are not interested or do not care or desperate to get the job and that is not good. Again, most of the interviewer likes to ask more questions on the basis of your questions (particularly in technical interviews). So, if you ask wrong questions, you may be in trouble. If you are smart, you can turn the interview in your advantage by asking the right questions and sell yourself. For example, if your are good in graphic art, you can talk about it by asking following question:
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Unformatted text preview: We can not tell you what are the best questions to ask, use your judgement and prepare yourself. Here are some tips to help you: Ask questions to show that you did some research about the company. Ask about the job position, and what is expected from the candidate, etc. If you have the required skill you can mention it now and sell yourself. If there is one interviewer, ask about his/her position and show genuine interest about what is said. People like to talk about themselves. Ask questions to show your interest in the company. Do not talk about salary or benefit, unless they start. I am good in graphic art and I did a course in web design. Will I get a chance in this position to use my artistic skill?...
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