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Diasporas notes - "Diasporas, Displacements, Construction...

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“Diasporas, Displacements, Construction of Transnational Identities” - Randolph S. Bourne was a against Americanization/leaving behind their cultures of origin - Bourne advocated for “transnationalism” and “multiculturalism” - 1924: near closing of “Golden Dorr” from U.S. o Concerned about incorporation immigrants from Eur. - Developing relationship would help shape labor/trade economy of the colonies and other Eur. Nations - As early as 1565, the Sp. Were bringing Filipinos to Amer. - Plantation economies, missionary endeavors, military strength usu. Incorporated new countries into U.S. market - With an economic tie, the U.S. exported their cultural, legal and economic ideals and ideologies to various parts of the Pacific - 1875: a gradual but steady restriction on the immigration of Chinese - Japanese and Koreans excluded in 1907, south Asians (1917), Filipinos (1934) - Diaspora centers China in overseas Chinese studies and decenters U.S. Asians in Asian Amer. Studies - America is not confined to U.S.
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Diasporas notes - "Diasporas, Displacements, Construction...

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