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Sheet1 Page 1 this is my 1st mail 2 all of u . on 9th september 2004,Satyam computer services came 4 campus recruitment at gvit college, kg this is the 1st campus test i took in my life , the cut off was 8 but i did not clear written test itself . but i collected all info about i hope all of u know the pattern : 1>> WRITTEN TEST ( aptitute , quantitative ) 2>> GD 3>> PI & HR (personal interview and hr simultaneous) coming to "written test" , all the questions maximum were came from R.S .Aggarwal's quantitative aptitute book and some we George summer's Puzzule book .
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Unformatted text preview: ....(questions r not in order ) [1] 1,2,6,15,___ ans : 58 [2] A+B means A is fatther of B , A*B means A is sister of B and so on . ..................... so P=R+Q ?? [3] relating time 7 quantity [4] if clock takes 33 sec to strike 12o clock and takes 22 seconds t o strike 6o clock then what is difference time b/w 6th and 8 t h ........ ...... rest questions have forgotten . ... Group disccusion : gd topics were 1> minimum qualification for politiacians 2> should songs be included in movies ? thats all i know thanks prasad...
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