cj week 1 - their latest project and was protected by...

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I feel that we have given the press in the U.S way too much freedom to say and do whatever they want. Members of the press can print anything they want about anyone they want with mostly no fear of punishment. Newspapers can buy information and pictures from sources and print these items for the world to see without fear of retribution of any kind. Some information is private and as citizens of this country people have certain rights and expectations of privacy. But with the way the press is protected we have no privacy even on our own property or in our own homes. States have laws that actually protect newspapers when they publish information that hurt people and businesses. By disclosing trade secrets and financial records individuals and businesses are hurt. For example when the Apple employee disclosed the design information for
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Unformatted text preview: their latest project and was protected by California law. If a trade secret is disclosed at the wrong time it could put a business out of business and hurt all of the employees they have. All of this to publish some information that the general public has no need to even know. In some case there is no need to know to protect the public interest, information is just publish because it was obtained and it is felt it might make a story. There needs to be a line somewhere to protect an individual’s right to privacy. SOURCE Wood Carter, Too Much Freedom Of the Press, Forbes Magazine, June 30 2008, Viewed on June 10, 2010 at http://www.forbes.com/forbes/2008/0630/032.html...
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cj week 1 - their latest project and was protected by...

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