cj week 5 - taxpayer dollars at stake prosecutors usually...

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Sexual assaults are very under prosecuted in court systems. There are a lot of reasons this happens even in this modern time. There has always been some stigma attached to being the victim of such a crime. This is usually when some group of people feel the victim did something to deserve the attack. This makes it very difficult for a victim to want to come forward when these attacks happen. When victims do come forward sometimes it can be hard for them to even get someone to take the report or to take the report seriously. In some areas if a victim has no sign of a struggle it is assumed they didn’t resist. Also if the assault accurse as the result a domestic situation some police believe ‘rape” cannot happen in a domestic situation. Even when victims come forward most times in the prosecutor’s eyes it’s a case of he said she said that is hard to win. They have the victim’s word that they said no or tried to resist. But they have the accused saying the opposite. It comes down to who is more believable to a jury. With
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Unformatted text preview: taxpayer dollars at stake prosecutors usually don’t go forward with a case unless they feel they can win. Then you have other cases where the victim refuses to testify either out of fear or embarrassment. The accused may have threatened them or their family with harm if they came forward. The victim may also not have the support system to make sure they don’t feel at fault. Even when a victim takes the stand the cross examination can be so brutal they may break down and be unable to continue with the testimony needed to convict the accused. To help these victims the first step is to make sure the police that take these reports are properly educated as to what makes a sexual assault an assault. Then there needs to be a system in place to make the victim comfortable in making the report and getting medical treatment afterwards. SO URCE Law Enforcement and Prosecutions, viewed on June 12 2010 at http://www.stopvaw.org/Law_Enforcement_and_Prosecutions.html...
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cj week 5 - taxpayer dollars at stake prosecutors usually...

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