cj week 6 - restitution well ones on parole can Also parole...

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Parole is a vital part our criminal justice system. Parole is a useful tool for punishing minor criminals and keeping them out of actual prisons. This can save us taxpayer dollars on the cost of keeping them confined for years in a prison facility. Persons committing minor crimes can be place on some type of parole and still be productive members of society and a good role model for younger family members. By letting them keep jobs they can continue to support their families and take steps to make restitution for their crimes puts less of a burden on the taxpayer. When we send these people to prison the support they may be providing for their families vanishes and they may need public assistance just to survive. The restitution for crimes is an important part of this system. Restitution can be helpful in restoring trust with some victims especially those victims of property crimes. It can also teach the criminals the monetary price of their crimes. But again incarcerated criminals don’t make
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Unformatted text preview: restitution well ones on parole can. Also parole is an excellent punishment for first time juvenile offenders of minor crimes. When we lock these youngsters up all they learn is how to be better criminals. By giving them parole and making them continue their education and do some type of community services they learn things that can help them later in life. So in my opinion getting rid of the parole system would be a terrible waste. It gets rid of a valuable tool that is needed within our criminal justice system. We do need to look closely at prisoners being released into a parole situation to make sure they are not dangerous criminals and that they are not likely to reoffend. SOURCES In Brief Parole Then and Now, Senate Research Center, May 1999, Viewed on June 9 2010, at http://www.senate.state.tx.us/SRC/pdf/ib0599.pdf...
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cj week 6 - restitution well ones on parole can Also parole...

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