cj week 8 - resources more efficiently Local agencies can...

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Police agencies are a normal citizen’s main defense against the bad things in the world. Many of these agencies are understaffed and overworked. Every month you hear about layoffs in police agencies across the country. Now the federal government wants to give these officers more work. This sounds like a bad thing but in reality it is not. Local agencies are being asked to help in the war on terror. Who better to notice some “off’ in the local area then police that are familiar with the people and the area. They notice new people and strange activities sooner then a federal officer new to area would. Also local people will generally talk more to people they are familiar with. They will report strange activities to local police faster than to a strange federal officer. With proper training the local agencies can be a valuable asset to national security. This allows federal agents to use
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Unformatted text preview: resources more efficiently. Local agencies can check out leads quickly and report back if further action is needed. Also when the federal government wants someone or something checked out quietly the local police can do it without really being noticed This type of cooperation does take training and communication. Without great communication this system will not work effectively. This can present a problem with some agencies after years of animosity toward other agencies. Overall I think only good can come of local police agencies having a roll in national security. SOURCES Waxman Matthew, Police and National Security: American Local Law Enforcement and Counter-Terrorism After 9/11, 2008 , Viewed June 13, 2010 at http://lsr.nellco.org/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1049&context=columbia_pllt...
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cj week 8 - resources more efficiently Local agencies can...

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