Conservation - free ranging bison live in this area and...

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Conservation is when we protect and manage natural resources; preservation is when we set aside areas to be protected in their natural state. When we closely monitor logging companies then I think responsible logging can take place. But in order for that to happen very close monitoring by governmental agencies must be in place. But some natural preserves should be left intact and not be harvested. This benefits endangered animals and their natural migration paths. I believe the Teton are should be left untouched for those reasons. After all it’s the only place left in the lower 48 states to see what our country once looked like. Also some for the last herds of
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Unformatted text preview: free ranging bison live in this area and once they are gone they will not be back. The home of these wonderful animals should be saved. As for the gas and oil located in this area, we should be looking into other forms of energy after all these sources will not last forever and once they are gone we will just have to look elsewhere. I understand people say running out of oil and gas deposits is not their problem, but it has to be someone’s problem, the resources are not coming back and time is getting shorter. If not for ourselves we need to work on this problem for our children and grandchildren....
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