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I currently live in the state of Iowa and as with any state Iowa has its own court system. Within this court system there are many different types of judges and each different type handles different cases on local level. After local courts cases can be moved up to Appellate court at the request of the litigants. Two courts make up the Appellate court, the Iowa state supreme court and the Iowa court of Appeals. All appeals start at the Supreme Court but can be transferred to the Appellate court. In addition to hearing cases the State Supreme court is responsible for licensing and disciplining lawyers the Supreme Court also sets rules of procedure and practice used in courts throughout the state and overseeing the operation of the entire state court system. These courts handle any and all types of crimes within the state other then federal cases. Federal court systems have several levels the first level is the federal district court that hears
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Unformatted text preview: cases in individual states. Generally these federal courts hear cases that touch upon constitution violations or other federal laws. Many of the cases brought before these district courts get settled before they ever come to a trial level. At circuit court level they do not hear jury trials they handle cases where the party argues that the district court judge made an error. The Supreme Court is the highest court in the federal system. Of the three ways to get a case heard in the Supreme Court the lest common is to have a case originally assigned to the Supreme Court. The most common is on appeal from the circuit court. The third way is upon appeal from the State supreme courts. So in general state courts can only hear cases from their own states and in a certain jurisdiction well federal courts can hear cases violating federal laws and cases on appeal from state courts....
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