Issue 8 - Issue 8: Black Jurors: Right to Acquit? (Jury...

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Issue 8: “Black Jurors: Right to Acquit? (Jury Nullification)”by Paul Butler, p. 108 · Under what circumstances does the author believe jurors should vote according to conscience rather than law? Does the Supreme Court approve or disapprove of this practice? Why? The author believes in jurors voting their conscience when crimes are non-violent or victimless. When the crime is violent the author feels jurors should listen to the evidence and make decisions based upon the evidence given. The Supreme Court disproves of this practice because they feel it undermines the criminal justice system and the prosecution of criminals. Issue 8:“Jury Nullification: A Perversion of Justice?” by Andrew D. Leipold, p. 111 · According to the author, what is the correct forum in which people should disagree with the law? Why does he believe the courtroom is not the place for disagreement? The author feels that a public forum is the place to disagree with the law. This is a place where
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Issue 8 - Issue 8: Black Jurors: Right to Acquit? (Jury...

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