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New York State and the death penalty

New York State and the death penalty - unconstitutional and...

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The biggest current issue with New York State and the death penalty is closing the office of the Capitol Defender. New York State has declared the death penalty to be unconstitutional and done away with it. The New York Court of Appeals passed this decision on October 23, 2007. So with no death penalty in place the state no longer needs a Capitol Defenders Office to handle these cases. There is no current legislation pending in NY pertaining to the death penalty. This is due to the state abolishing the death penalty in 2007. That was the biggest legislative decision made in the state concerning the death penalty. The legislation ruled that the death penalty was
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Unformatted text preview: unconstitutional and should be brought to a halt. Anyone still on death row had their sentences commuted to life in prison. As I am pro-death penalty I don’t agree with this decision at all. I feel that all states should have the death penalty available for extremely cruel crimes, like ones involving torture and murder. Putting people to death that commit those types of crimes sends a message to other criminals thinking of doing those types of crimes. As long there is dna evidence or several witnesses that see the crime then the death penalty should be an option....
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