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Novak week 1 - right to read and write whatever they want...

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The Intelligence Identity protection act plays a part in the Robert Novak case because it makes it illegal to reveal the identity of an agent known to be in a covert role. Novak broke this law when he revealed the name of Valerie Plum when she was still working undercover for the CIA. This compromised her identity and potentially put her in danger and compromised the job she was trying to do. Typically when reporters are threatened with punishment for a story they have written they say they are protected by the first amendment. They use this from everything from protecting a source to printing something that could hurt someone or damage someone’s reputation. Reporters in the past have been willing to go to jail in the past for things they have written. When a reporter is punished for something they write and publish it can have a negative effect on them and what and how they write in the future. The First Amendment protects a people’s
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Unformatted text preview: right to read and write whatever they want. When people are punished for writing something it is a form of censorship. When Novak revealed Plumes identity it compromised everything she was working on. She was helping to find out if Iraqi had purchased uranium. The uranium could have been used to make weapons to be used against the U.S. when her identity was revealed this put an end to her investigation. Contempt of court is when the court asks someone to do something and they refuse to comply. Journalist can be held in contempt when they refuse to reveal a source in court. In the Novak case Mathew Copper from Time Magazine and Judith Miller from the New York Times faced time in prison for not revealing the names of Bush administration people who revealed Plumes identity....
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Novak week 1 - right to read and write whatever they want...

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