There a four main causes of population changes

There a four main causes of population changes - the...

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There a four main causes of population changes. The first of these is the rate at which an organism produces offspring, the second of these the rate at which an organism dies off. These two factors effect global population. Dispersal is the movement of a group from one area to another and this effects local population. The last factor is environmental resistance, this is includes limited food, water, shelter and other resources. With all of this in mind and looking at the nutria population I predict that they will either die off, move to a different are or a combination of both. The nutria do well in Louisiana because of
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Unformatted text preview: the aquatic environment combined with a ready food supply. As food is depleted there will be more competition for food and animals will starve. As animals die off from lack of food there will be less young born. If the nutria eat all the food in a given area and are unable to find suitable food in nearby areas or adapt their diet to new food supplies they will all die off. But the worst case scenario would be if the nutria spread to other states and endangered native animal species....
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