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English 1010 Notes 1.11.10 1 – Why is it that one of the first steps taken whenever a dictator comes to power is to limit people’s 2 – The Greek philosopher Socrates was put to death for being a critical thinker. What if the opposite situation were to occur? What would happen if you were on trial and you were going to be executed if you were NOT a critical thinker? How would you prove that you were one? What is a critical thinker? They can critique an idea and offer judgment about the idea. Analyze, argue, seek to persuade. Ability to play ‘devil’s advocate’, see both sides, be emotionally detached from the issue and be able to see both sides. 3 – There’s no question that here in Utah one political party, the Republican party, has clear dominance in
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Unformatted text preview: the state’s political system. Is this a problem we need to be concerned about? If so, why? If not, explain why you feel the dominance of the Republican party isn’t an issue. The Republican party is representing the majority of the peoples desires. The nation is balanced by the opposite party being represented throughout the nation. Political bullying can occur when too much dominance of one party exists. Wallowing in Complexity-Have the ability to see the opposite point of view TED TALKS video – Jonathan Hait Ideology and Openness to Experience – Passionate commitment to the truth Argument/Debate...
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