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Tami-li Negus English 1010 Sect. 605 Super Size Me By Morgan Spurlock The idea for the movie “Super Size Me” came into being following a law suit filed by two teenage girls in New York. Their suit stated that McDonalds was responsible for their obesity and poor health. Morgan Spurlock, an American documentary filmmaker, television producer, and screenwriter, posed some interesting and thought provoking questions. What effects could a diet of fast food have, how bad is fast food, can it be dangerous, and how clear is the line between personal and corporate responsibility. He also raised questions about the future of our children with them being raised in a society where fast food consumption is so prevalent. His position seems to be that society today revolves around the fast food industry, and that our children are being bombarded and surrounded by the lure of fast food through media, along with the lost tradition of a sit down, family dinner at home. Spurlock decided to go on a 30 day diet consisting of three meals a day of only McDonald’s food, and to monitor and document the effects on his body. There are several issues addressed in this movie, and Spurlock presents some very compelling evidence to support his opinions and the very real results of his personal experiment in his documentary. My feelings on the issues he presents are mixed. The
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issues of rising obesity in Americans, and predictions for the future of equally rising health care costs as a result of increasing poor health are very real. I also agree with the increasing onslaught of the media in promoting this generation’s trend towards fast, easy access, and instant gratification in many areas of life, including food consumption. I also believe that it is having a very powerful and negative effect on our children today, their beliefs and attitudes towards food, basic nutrition and physical activity. However, I feel that the question brought up in the beginning of the movie regarding personal vs. corporate responsibility didn’t get the same amount of discussion in this movie, and I feel it is a question to be given more thought. Spurlock states that America has become the fattest nation in the world, with almost 100 million Americans being considered overweight or obese. His statistics show that in the past 30 years, the population of overweight Americans, including adults, adolescents and children has doubled and tripled, respectively. In correlation to these numbers, the rising cost of health care at present and for the future is becoming more and more expensive, with health issues ever increasing. Spurlock states that obesity has become second only to smoking as the leading cause of preventable death in America, with approximately 400,000 deaths per year. It was also stated that unabated, it could
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Super Size Me paper - Tami-li Negus English 1010 Sect 605...

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