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Discussion Questions pg. 196 - Discussion Questions pg. 196...

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Discussion Questions pg. 196 Thinking Critically about “How Do Online Social Networks Affect Communicaiton?” 1. A. I feel James used several good combinations of open-form and close-form sentences in his paper. One instance was when he talked about his surprise about the percentage of students willing to post photos and personal information of themselves, and his questions about this, followed by his research that led him to read the article he found on Danah Boyd in paragraph 6. B. I felt that his use of sources guiding his discussion about the percentages of young people who had OSN profiles and how they used them, into how people choose what and how much they share through their OSN profiles. He transitioned into how the trend has graduated into only posting certain information into opening up their lives in a much more revealing and personal way, in paragraphs 3 and 4. C. In paragraph 9 he uses different sources, such as surveys of first-year college students and another article about how Facebook is influencing the college community and how students use it to learn more about the people they might be interested in dating or having a relationship with. It shows the trend of how people are using the OSN’s in evolving ways of the relationship nature. D. In paragraph 8 he discusses the many ideas and sources that represent the positive aspects of OSN’s he has researched to that point. He then expresses doubts that OSN are all for the benefit of the social arena, and that he feels there must be a downside,
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Discussion Questions pg. 196 - Discussion Questions pg. 196...

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