Exporatory Essay - Negus 1 Tami-li Negus Engl 2010 Sec Date...

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Tami-li Negus Engl. 2010 Sec.# Date: May 21, 2010 Exploratory Essay How is Kids Involvement in Media Today Affecting Their Emotional and Social Growth? If you look around almost anywhere you go today, you see kids plugged into some form of media and quite often tuned out to the world around them. This is a phenomenon that I see all around me, but especially in my own home. As the mother of four teenagers, I have watched their social interactions develop and it interests but also baffles me at how different things are today for kids, and how they interact with each other. In an effort to try and stay involved and up to date on the current habits and trends they are involved in, I have had my kids teach me how to text, help me set up a Facebook profile, and load some of the music they listen to onto my iPod. I have observed the way they multitask in almost everything they do, doing their homework often online, while texting on their cell phones with a couple of friends, IM chatting on the computer with others, or on their Facebook page and earphones in, listening to music. This multimedia culture seems to govern their whole world, as well as mine. I understand that the world has become ruled by technology and media, but I have noticed patterns in my kids and their friends that have become a concern to me. I wonder how all the avenues of media that kids use to manage and navigate their world is helping or hurting the way they handle the social situations they face and how it is influencing the way they are going to enter the adult world. Are they going to be prepared for college, interviewing for jobs, marriage and family relationships? Negus 1
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There are kids who can text at the speed of light, have complete conversations over text message, chat rooms, instant messaging, Facebook and MySpace. However, when placed in a situation where they have to have similar conversations and communicate face to face, how many struggle with knowing how to effectively carry on a
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Exporatory Essay - Negus 1 Tami-li Negus Engl 2010 Sec Date...

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