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Lesson #7 Interactivity The amount of media and technology available to youth today has changed the way they interact socially with their peers and their families. 1. The number of teens that have cell phones has increased dramatically over the past few years. 2. The age that parents are providing cell phones for their children has become younger in the past few years. 3. The majority of teens socialize with their peers through some type of online social network. 4. Teens and adolescents are using online social networks to help them understand and experiment with how to interact socially with their peers. 5. Several of the normal issues and problems that kids face as they go through puberty and adolescence, are now being conducted in the online arena. 6. Technological media is the main avenue through which teens navigate their world of learning and growing. #3 While it’s true that there is more media available to kids today, that hasn’t really changed this generation’s way of growing up. Teens still hang out at the malls and
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