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Tami-li Negus English 2010 Sec. # 6/25/10 Midterm Persuasive Paper Kids and Digital Media LOL, Idk, ROFL, and POS, has seemed to become the new language of youth today. This is not a spoken language, but a new kind of shorthand (does anyone even remember shorthand?) language that is used in the form of text or instant messages over cell phones and computers. Today’s wave of media devices that are available to all of us, especially the youth, has greatly enhanced many experiences, but is it impeding others? There have been many studies done over the past several years about violence on TV and the short and long term effects it is having on kids. There are now studies being conducted to compare correlation between the social and emotional effects that all the available media and ways to communicate are having, as well. All these thoughts and questions have become of great interest to me. As a parent of four teenagers, I am amazed and often perplexed by the amount of media that my kids are immersed in every day. I have had to consider the advantages and disadvantages and consider the implications it is having on my children in their social context. This led my research to try and find answers to some of the following questions. Are the issues that kids are presented with today the same as in the past, but with a technological twist? What are the implications in the classroom and their learning environment? How is the available technology affecting the emotional and social growth of youth today? Adolescence is a time for kids to grow up, and through interaction with their peers, learn to separate themselves from their parents. Adolescence is a time when youth are struggling to find ways to emancipate themselves from Negus 1
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their parents, to discover who they are and who they want to become. This is a necessary journey in their growth and development, and due to the rapidly changing world around them, their experiences will be vastly different than that of their parents. One of the ways that the experience of the child is vastly different than that of their parents shows itself in the classroom. The classroom is rapidly becoming a high tech environment, just to keep up with the way kids are accustomed to consuming information and their advanced learning processes. Teachers need to computer savvy, in order to be able to present material in a way that kids today can and do relate to. Several educators that were interviewed in the PBS video “Growing Up Online,” expressed some very valid concerns. The younger teachers who are more familiar with current technology say that they have to become
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Midterm-Persuasive essay - Negus 1 Tami-li Negus English...

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