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Tattoo article paraphrase - As has been the trend for youth...

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The appearance of tattoos and body piercings have become commonplace in our everyday world. They now seem to be everywhere around us, showing themselves in the world of fashion and celebrities, as well as among many of our city youth population. Due to the majority of state laws, tattoos are limited to adults over the age of 18, but they are still showing up in underage youth. Body piercings are much more likely to be present in the younger population, in addition to homemade tattoos.
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Unformatted text preview: As has been the trend for youth to seek and express their individuality, or succumb to peer pressure for group inclusion through fads and fashions, this seems to have become the most recent trend. The difference in this type of fashion statement or means of expressing a need to define oneself is the permanency of tattoos, which conversely, seems to be the attraction....
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