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Tattoo article summary - In an effort to more closely...

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In an effort to more closely examine the trend and impact of tattooing and body piercing, Dr. Andres Martin wrote an article entitled, “On Teenagers and Tattoos.” It was presented as an aid to help psychiatrists in counseling teens and their families. As tattoos and body piercings increase and are becoming more common in our everyday world, especially among youth, it is becoming another form of conflict in family relationships. Adolescents have always used different forms of exploring and establishing their identity through fashions and fads, also as a means of conforming with their peers and fitting into groups. The most recent trend of tattooing as a means of self exploration, identity, and establishing their uniqueness has much more permanence than past trends, which makes it all the more attractive to youth. Dr. Martin presents three different explanations about why tattoos have become so prevalent among today’s youth. He offers this as a way to help counselors and parents
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