Teens and Cell Phones summary-Pew Study

Teens and Cell Phones summary-Pew Study - Tami-li Negus...

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Tami-li Negus English 2010 Summary Article #2 An extensive study was published very recently this year by the Pew Internet & American Life Project surrounding teens and their use of cell phones. It was conducted together between the University of Michigan and the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project to get a broad overview of the status of cell phone usage among teens. Due to the rapid increase in usage and ownership of cell phones among youth, it was felt to be valuable to get a an idea of how this increase and the manner in which cell phones are being used is having an affect on teens and how they relate to their family and friends. Was it hurting or harming the relationships in their lives? This was a very in depth and detailed study, so I would like to summarized the main points and findings of their research. The report was conducted using 800 teens ages 12-17, through a random digit-dial telephone survey, including a parent or guardian. The parent or guardians were interviewed separately. There were also 9 focus groups conducted using teens, ages 12-18 in four cities around the nation between June and October of 2009. There have been previous studies done in the past, since the first introduction of the cell phone around 1973, but the huge leap in usage in the last few years and the increase in digital and media devices warranted a closer look. About 75% of teens ranging in age from 12-17 now have cell phones, compared to 45% in 2004, and are the first and foremost chosen mode of
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Teens and Cell Phones summary-Pew Study - Tami-li Negus...

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