Turtles paraphrase & summary

Turtles paraphrase & summary - Tami-li Negus...

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Tami-li Negus English 2010 Paraphrased paragraph of “30 Little Turtles” – Paragraph 5 He was most impressed by a young Indian man who was working for a big U.S. company providing technical software support, as he related his feelings of pride in what he was doing. The call centers are also providing huge opportunities for young Indian women who might not otherwise have the ability to gain financial stability and independence. This, in turn, gives them a better choice in whom they can marry, in addition to supporting themselves while gaining college degrees (Friedman 142). Summary of “Questioning Thomas L. Friedman’s Optimism in ’30 Little Turtles” In Stephanie Malinowski’s response to Thomas L. Friedman’s article surrounding outsourcing jobs to countries like India, she poses a question about this ever increasing practice. The question is whether or not Americans should be in favor of or against outsourcing. She questions what she feels to be the overgeneralization of many of the
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Turtles paraphrase & summary - Tami-li Negus...

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