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Tami-li Negus Biology 1010 Discussion question #2 Part 1 The injection of Epo-R is basically like giving a blood transfusion. With the increase in red blood cells, which carry oxygen, can increase the effectiveness of cellular respiration. Oxygen is one of the necessary components of cellular respiration. The part of cellular respiration that is affected by the increase in red blood cells, therefore more oxygen, can make the electron transport chain more efficient, since oxygen is what keeps the electrons moving down the electron transport chain, and is the final acceptor of electrons in the chain. I think it would also help a serious athlete reduce the effects of oxygen deficit during training and competition. Oxygen is need for recovery and to break down glucose.
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Unformatted text preview: It would also reduce the effects of fermentation since there would be more oxygen to carry away the lactate that forms in the muscles. The desired outcomes for athletes would be faster times, less sore muscles, and be able to perform at high levels for longer periods of time. Part 2 I think that the use of the naturally occurring hormones in the body should be regulated, as well. I believe that anything in excess, even if it is natural, can create undesired effects. The article mentions the deaths that resulted from the misuse of Epo-R, which created extra red blood cells, which is naturally occurring substance in the body, but it created an imbalance, regardless, and became fatal in several instances....
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