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Tami-li Negus Biology 1010 Discussion #3 The idea of genomics is an interesting one, and I can see both how there would be great benefits from it in certain cases, but perhaps I’m a bit old fashioned, and feel there are only so many things you can do to mess around with or second guess Mother Nature. I can see a couple of different reasons why I don’t think it’s such a good idea. For one, although it would seem that this may lead us to a better rate of living ‘successful’ lives, or steering our children to succeed, based on what they are tested for and found to be predisposed to, as far as their tendencies, talents or traits. It could very possibly pigeon-hole kids into careers or life choices that may not be what they really would like to do, or want to try to explore, because they might not have as much of a chance to excel. It could very well limit creative expression or perhaps make children feel
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Unformatted text preview: obligated to pursue something they don’t really have a passion for, but are genetically designed do well at. Regarding the idea of finding out what one is genetically coded for with regard to health and well-being, I can see some benefits and how that could be helpful, how it can help people change certain aspects of their lifestyle to avoid certain illness and disease. But as we’ve learned in class, and also as it states in the last paragraph of the article, you can only attempt to predict a certain percent of what genes are going to do. The possibility of genetic mutation is always present, and many of the factors that go into people’s health can be from their environment, or other things that are beyond their control. In my opinion, the risks or issues that are still unknown outweigh the benefits of this type of genetic fortune telling....
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