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Discussion 4-Bioethical Issue - Tami-li Negus Biology 1010...

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Tami-li Negus Biology 1010 Discussion #4-Bioethical Issue One example of evolution is the finches of the Galapagos Islands, which Darwin studied. They follow the lines of evidentiary support for evolution which show they are of common descent and most likely have a common ancestor. They also have very similar physical traits, share biogeography, and have the same molecular makeup. However, they have evolved into several different species of finches through adaptive radiation, with varying types of beaks which they have adapted to, based on what part of the island they live in, or what part of the same tree they live on. They have become so different from each other that the species don’t interbreed. Another example from the Galapagos Islands are the iguanas that are speculated, based on fairly strong evolutionary evidence, to have a common ancestor that originated in South America. Some of the iguanas were stronger swimmers than the others could have migrated to some of the nearby islands, such as Galapagos and Hispaniola.
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